Colin Brooks

Co-Host of Normies Like Us

Look, I know you don’t care about this. You don’t want to sit there and read about how fucking awesome it was for me growing up in Midwest Ohio doing all that totally normal cul-de-sac shit. We all had the exact same experience. Biking to a friends’ house without warning and just hoping they could explore the woods behind their house because “texting” was reading a lot of books in the early 90’s. You know the movies we watched. You remember sitting in the theater thinking “No fucking way” watching Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, a man whose Film Evil Dead inspired you to love movies way before YouTube proved audiences didn’t care about a pictures budget. You remember the games we played. The Halo LAN parties. Picking up comics and books at these places called book stores. Rushing home to watch SNL reruns and agreeing that while Garth Brooks does deserve his own DVD compilation as a host, it is quite strange

You want to hear about the dope shit! Moving to Los Angeles. Working in Reality Tv. Commercials. Music Videos. Writing Screenplays with my best friend and Writing Partner. Shooting shorts. Pilots. Making puppets. Exploring creativity through laughter and ethos.

I don’t always like what I see, but why add to the negativity? Learn from what you don’t like. Lift up what you love. And thanks for listening!

Colin Brooks has hosted 280 Episodes.